If you own a router at home, I am sure you have experienced forgetting your router’s login credentials after changing the default login details. Due to this instance, I have shared this article to show you the methods on how you can easily find a router’s username and password. The methods included here are the ones that many people are using. So, keep on reading and learn the basic solutions to such a common problem.

How to find a Router's Username and Password

What is a Router

A router is a hardware that serves as a bridge to link the connection between a local network (such as smartphones and PCs) and the Internet.  All routers have various settings to be changed to allow other devices to connect and access the Internet. And to make the changes, a user has to gain an access to the configuration page which is protected with a username and password.

When you buy a router such as the Xioami Mi 3C, TP-Link or Netgear, it has a ‘default username and password’ that are written mostly at the back of the hardware. These are the same for most of the routers regardless of what model and version you have purchased. You will need these login credentials when you make changes to the router’s settings.

The default username and password for most of the routers is “admin,” which is short for the administrator. So you need to know how to login to a router using the admin password.

Is there a Need to Change the Default Username and Password of the Router

Changing the default username, or at least the password is needed when you purchased your own router. When the default login details aren’t changed, there might be curious individuals who can access the signal. And once they have the access, they are able to log into it and it will bring a threat to your network device. They can change every detail even the default password and effectively hijack the connection.

But, there have been instances where people changed the username and password and then forgot what they had set. In such cases, it becomes impossible for a user to access the configuration page and make any kind of modification on it. When this happens, your work will be interrupted especially when your job has something to do with coding that requires an internet connection.

So, here are the several ways that can help you find a router’s username and password if in case you have forgotten it. And try to learn more about tech guides and tutorials that will help you solve problems with regards to your devices.

How to find a Router’s Username and Password

The four methods listed below are your immediate solution once you have forgotten your router’s username and password. You can choose one of these methods, or try it all before you finally decide on resetting your router.

Method 1: Search on the Internet/Look at the Router’s Sticker

If you have not changed the username and password and ‘admin‘ does not work, you can look up for the default username and passwords on the internet. You can also check the router for any sticker with the default username and password written on it. There are many websites where you can search for the default username and password for your router by entering its model number.

Router's default username and password

Method 2: Use a Router Password Cracker

Another method is to use ‘Router Password Kracker‘ on your PC – one of the most popular password cracker in the market. It is a software that can recover your router’s lost password. It can also help recover passwords from internet websites that are protected by Digest Notification.

To use this password cracker, you need to download and install the software to your computer. It is free, so you don’t need to spend money on using it.

Router's password cracker

Method 3: Use the RouterPassView Software

RouterPassView‘ is another useful software which you can use to find a router’s username and password. However, you must have a backup of the configuration on your PC. Once you have it, RouterPassView can decrypt it for you and you can access your username and password.

Same as the second method, this software requires you to download it and install on your PC.


Method 4: Reset your Router

If none of the methods works, all you are left with is to hard reset your router and bring it back to the default factory settings. Then, you can enter the default username and password to access the configuration page. However, in this method, all your modified settings will be lost and you will have to make the necessary changes in it to connect to the Internet.

To reset the password, hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. You can see the reset button at the back part of the router.

Reset router

In Conclusion

These were some of the methods which you can use to find a router’s username and password. I recommend you to do the first three methods before resetting your router. In case you forget your login details in the future, just go back to this page.

Have you experienced this situation before? If yes, what did you do to solve this common problem? We appreciate it if you can share it with us through the comment section below.

If you know any better method or you have questions and concerns, please drop them inside the box. We will be more glad to assist you in whatever we can do.