What is your innovation?YouTeach Science Van improves science education in low-income schools by first showing students the “recipe” to thinking creatively about science.We then let them practice by turning scientific concepts into engaging experiments. Finally, they experience the rewarding feeling of being active learners by participating in the science van tour where they engage other people in science using their own experiments, hence spreading the culture of the innovative approach to education among Egyptians.2. Who gains the most?1. School Students: YouTeach changes the educational experience to be: interactive and innovative, independent from unqualified school teachers, student-driven, free high-quality educational materials. 2. Teachers: During the whole project, we are trying to involve current teachers, to inspire them to change their teaching methods and adopt these innovative ones. 3. The wide public: During the Science Van Tour, the public is introduced to this new innovative approach to education3. Who pays?A smaller percentage of the schools we work with are private schools. Those schools pay fees to participate in the Science Van round. In return, they get strong marketing and higher ranking than other private schools, especially if their students reach one of the top three places. With the money of one private school, we are able to include 2 low-income schools. Furthermore, the awards given to the winning students at the end of the van tour are sponsored by science shops in Alexandria.4. What is your success?Short term success (1year) – Launching two rounds of the Science van, that were in at least 3 different public places each time. – By the second round, the number of the participating schools in the Science Van should increase by 200%. Long-term success: -The You teach Science Vans are being implemented in various cities and also rural areas with a big number of participating students. -The YouTeach new “philosophy of teaching” has been adopted by various schools and teachers5. How will you do it?Create a network of the participating students, as some of them could be mentors for younger students in the next round of the project. Expand our network of schools with each round. Include workshops for teachers on innovative teaching methods. Partner with educational institutions to continuously expand the workshop’s curriculum and localize it for the different student groups we work with(different social, financial, education backgrounds). Add advanced levels for our alumni.