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HPP will provide adequate sanitation infrastructure along with generating electricity for Indian villages.

Indians lack access to two critical pieces of infrastructure, toilets, and electricity. Our project, The Humanure Power Project (HPP), aims to alleviate both of these issues by connecting existing and proven technologies. HPP has been working in the village of Sukhpur, located in the Supaul district in the Indian state of Bihar. 11 million people in Bihar live without access to toilets. Stratifying this data to the district level, only 15% of the households in Supaul have access to toilets.

Furthermore, out of 1.7 million total residents in Supaul, only 1.2 percent of them have connections to electricity. HPP will build a community block of toilets and human waste will be collected in a biogas generator. Biogas generators have long been employed to create methane, which can then be combusted to generate electricity.

After combustion, however, we must distribute the generated electricity. Unfortunately, power lines do not exist in this village, so we must make the electricity ‘portable’. In order to do this, we will charge 12-volt batteries with the electricity we produce using human waste, which can then be rented out to the community. Currently, villagers spend about 15% of their annual income on kerosene that they burn for lighting.

Our batteries would provide a much cheaper and cleaner form of light. Once the charge on the battery has run out, villagers can return it to our charging station, and pick up a new one. Battery rentals will operate on a monthly membership program. While the toilet block is being constructed, cow manure will be used as a substitute for human waste. Cow manure is a consistent source of methane which can be purchased locally from farmers, and be harnessed to produce methane in a biogas tank. Electricity will be produced and distributed from this.

HPP will create the link between the toilets and the batteries once the toilet block is complete and we have a consistent supply of methane gas from human waste. We hope to incentivize toilet use to the community by stating that the more they use it, the more electricity the community has. An additional incentive will be the proximity of the toilets – villagers will no longer have to walk long distances just to relieve themselves. Furthermore, the battery system is a much cheaper and healthier form of energy and the battery rental program will also be creating a business in the community.

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1. What is your innovation?
Our innovation involves connecting organic waste with electricity. We can reduce outdoor defecation and bring power to a community with one solution. Organic waste is converted to methane gas in a digester, which can be combusted to generate electricity. Further, our innovation includes distributing power in an area that lacks infrastructure, through portable, rechargeable 12-V batteries. Other successful organizations have applied certain elements of this project; we are connecting the dots.
2. Who gains the most?
Women and children gain the most from our project. They are particularly exposed when relieving themselves, either at sunset or at sunrise. Electricity provided by the batteries can profoundly change life at home in rural India by allowing productivity after dark. Electricity can enable women to do necessary housework and children to do their schoolwork with artificial light. Toilets provide a safe and sanitary environment for the vulnerable to relieve themselves.
3. Who pays?
Donations and investments made to HPP will be spent on infrastructure needs for our toilet and power systems. HPP will generate revenue by charging battery users 10 Rupees ($0.19) per charge. HPP’s batteries have a 12 hour charge, so we assume that users will re-charge their batteries twice a week (if batteries are just used at night). Currently, families spend $40 a year on kerosene for lighting. Our system will offer a much cheaper, and more versatile form of energy while improving sanitation.
4. What is your success?
HPP envisions three interrelated layers of success. First, HPP will increase access to sanitation and electrical infrastructure in rural Bihar. Secondly, there will be a decrease in the incidence of water born illnesses and increased productivity associated with toilets and electricity. Finally, this will empower the community to realize that it has tremendous control over its health outcomes and economic success.
5. How will you do it?
HPP understands the subtle difference between access to toilets and use of toilets. Achieving success entails bridging that gap by implementing a community health education program grounded in behavior modification models. HPP will then connect the dots between organic waste and electricity generation, creating a new market economy based on our battery-rental service. Programmatic control will be shifted to the community thus empowering them to define health and economic outcomes.

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A major problem in Egypt is the low quality of elementary education. Teachers and exams depend on memorizing textbooks and teaching methods driving the innovative side of the students especially in science subjects are totally absent. This results in students being only “receivers” of knowledge, not “creators”.  The problem gets worse in low-income governmental schools (by far the most common type of schools in Egypt). With under-qualified teachers, a huge number of students and extremely low budget for any types of equipment, students have no access to quality education.

YouTeach Science Van project addresses this problem in an innovative way, that was never implemented in Egypt previously.

YouTeach Science Van project consists of 3 main phases:

  1. The first phase is giving students (age group: 11- 15 years) a series of very interactive workshops under the title “Let’s play science differently”. These workshops teach them how to think critically about what they learn, apply their creative thinking and introduce them to the “Scientific Method”.
  2. After that, students have one month time to choose a scientific topic they find interesting, and turn it into an experiment that simply visualizes this concept and makes it easy and interesting to understand by anyone. The best experiments (around 25) are selected to go on the Science Van.
  3. The high-point of the project is the science van tour. The selected experiments are all put on a van to form a traveling science fair. The van travels with the experiments, our team and the students on board around the city of Alexandria, and stops at different public places for 1-2 days each. During these days, students engage the public in trying out the experiments and explain them the scientific concept behind it. At the final day of the tour, a jury consisting of educational specialists selects the top three experiments. The winners receive awards during a closing ceremony.

The complete project cycle is repeated twice during an academic year.



What is your innovation?YouTeach Science Van improves science education in low-income schools by first showing students the “recipe” to thinking creatively about science.We then let them practice by turning scientific concepts into engaging experiments. Finally, they experience the rewarding feeling of being active learners by participating in the science van tour where they engage other people in science using their own experiments, hence spreading the culture of the innovative approach to education among Egyptians.2. Who gains the most?1. School Students: YouTeach changes the educational experience to be: interactive and innovative, independent from unqualified school teachers, student-driven, free high-quality educational materials. 2. Teachers: During the whole project, we are trying to involve current teachers, to inspire them to change their teaching methods and adopt these innovative ones. 3. The wide public: During the Science Van Tour, the public is introduced to this new innovative approach to education3. Who pays?A smaller percentage of the schools we work with are private schools. Those schools pay fees to participate in the Science Van round. In return, they get strong marketing and higher ranking than other private schools, especially if their students reach one of the top three places. With the money of one private school, we are able to include 2 low-income schools. Furthermore, the awards given to the winning students at the end of the van tour are sponsored by science shops in Alexandria.4. What is your success?Short term success (1year) – Launching two rounds of the Science van, that were in at least 3 different public places each time. – By the second round, the number of the participating schools in the Science Van should increase by 200%. Long-term success: -The You teach Science Vans are being implemented in various cities and also rural areas with a big number of participating students. -The YouTeach new “philosophy of teaching” has been adopted by various schools and teachers5. How will you do it?Create a network of the participating students, as some of them could be mentors for younger students in the next round of the project. Expand our network of schools with each round. Include workshops for teachers on innovative teaching methods. Partner with educational institutions to continuously expand the workshop’s curriculum and localize it for the different student groups we work with(different social, financial, education backgrounds). Add advanced levels for our alumni.



Website design is a crucial part when managing your small business and putting them online. It is what gives the first impression and therefore will give the advantage or disadvantage to you. If the website does not live up to the customer’s standard, then you will have lost most of your potential clients every single minute.

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But it is not too late to make the changes that need to be applied to your website. You can still save your site with the help of this infographic. All you have to do is study all the required stuff and apply it as soon as possible to your website design.



Hiring a professional to code for your site or whatever reason that you need a service of an expert coder is expensive. Trust me when I say that you really need a good amount of money for a small project that requires it. So why not teach yourself how to code?

The easiest way how to code

How To Code

This is not a joke. There is actually some software out there that will help you start to learn how to properly code. All you need are some dedication and an honest will to learn how to do it. If you do not have that interest, you will just turn your brain into a soup with so little to nothing learned. So be sure that you really want to do this and learn as much as possible. No matter how slow or complicated this seems, you will get there. Just be patient and really pay attention.

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Are you planning to buy a new router? The Xiaomi Mi 3C Router should be on your list of the next-to-buynetworking device. The router has been all over the internet and there are a lot of reasons why it is so popular. And since you are already here, why not learn all the things that this router can do. You will be surprised that there is more than meets the eye on this one.

And before we start, you should keep in mind of all the things that you are looking for in a router. That is because you will all that information as a guideline as to why the Xiaomi Mi 3C Router is worth your attention, time, and money. Or perhaps it is the other way around. Who knows? Just read on and let’s find out together.


  • It is powered by the MT7628N processor which power efficient and with improved radio frequency performance.
  • The device has 64MB DDR2 of RAM at 800 MHz and 16MB of ROM in NorFlash
  • Simultaneous single band frequency at 2.4GHz running at 300Mbps
  • Comes with four external antennas for amplified and better coverage
  • Two LAN ports and one WAN port
  • Mi Router or any wireless router can be login easily. The login address for MI Router is either 192.168.l.l or
  • Supports Mi WiFi app through Play Store
  • This router also comes with QoS feature to handle data prioritization between apps and tasks.


If you are on a tight budget but want a router that can deliver great performance on a daily basis, the Xiaomi Mi 3C router is a no-kidding device. Despite the fact that it only has a single core to handle all the tasks, it can keep up. And as far as our usage is concerned, it never failed on us. For most of the time, it brought us a high-end level of performance.

Although having a single band frequency is not an ideal hardware specification nowadays, it never gave us any feeling that it caused lag or anything. The single band frequency surprisingly kept its ground and still provided satisfying overall output.

Having four antennas helped a lot with how the Xiaomi Mi 3C Router is broadcasting the WiFi signal. Just when you thought that it has a small and a very limited range, it actually is not that bad. Although there are some noticeable warming up on the router’s surface, at least it only became more obvious when there were seven of us connected simultaneously within the network.

The best part about this router is its support for mobile apps. You can access the Mi 3C Router Admin Login and Password within the app itself. So you take control of your network right at the palm of your hands.


The downside of this router is that it only supports up to two LAN ports. So if you have more than two wired devices, you will be having an issue. And buying another router will only prove a hassle as that would cost money, effort, and time.

Also, the single processor, despite that it can actually keep up still a cause for concern when there are so many things that are happening inside the network all at once. Although not frequently, there are some lags on online gaming and occasional buffering with video streaming.

Given that our internet subscription is at 100MBPS, these types of lags and buffer are not supposed to happen at all. But those issues are not so often that it could cause a shift of preference. Well, maybe it is for hardcore gamers and demanding online professions but for a normal tech guy, I don’t think it is such an issue especially when all you do is web browsing or web designing.

Another worth mentioning is the Quality of Service on this router. This is where a significant reduction in performance occurred. When we activated it, the streaming and other heavy bandwidth using apps suffered from internet slow down. Turning back off the QoS solved the issue so that kind of made us assume that the software or the processing power could be the main cause of the issue. If it is just the software, I hope there is something that the developers could do about it since it is just based on OpenWRT firmware. But if it is the hardware’s fault, I guess that should be one of the router’s biggest downside and fail.

In Conclusion

For users that plan to get a low-cost router, the Xiaomi Mi 3C Router is perfect for you. It has most of the basic features that for the right person could be the perfect tool. This could also be a router for those who want a quick fix with their broken gaming routers. It does not have to be permanent. But if you think that it is enough to handle all the online tasks that you require, why not buy this one?

The 2.4GHz is not a bad thing. But for those who have enough experience with this type of frequency alone, it could be a holdout or a bottleneck to your other devices’ potential. When almost the majority of wireless devices that are being released can support 2.5GHz and 5GHz, it would be such a waste. Having only the traditional 2.4GHz frequency to power your internet life would be a sad story.

But then again, since it is a matter of preference, in the end, the decision is still up to you. If this is the one that suits your needs then I commend you. If you think the 2.4GHz will suffice, then I suppose, there is nothing more perfect than this for your everyday online activities.

Do you have questions that are directed particularly about this topic? If so, then please be an angel and leave your comment down below. We will be right after you to answer your queries. And if you know other people that want to learn more about Xiaomi Mi 3C Router before they buy one, do share them this article



For first time users of Xiaomi Mi 3C Router who want to log in to its admin user interface and control, here is your guide to do that. It’s alright to not meddle with the login and admin page if you are not sure what to do yet. And don’t worry about messing up with the password and everything. You can always reset the router anytime you want.


In case you want a full video on setting up the admin login for Xiaomi Mi 3C router, here it is. We know that some people are not really good at following written instructions so we decided to also include the video for visual support and guide. We hope you like it.

This will be a simple and short step-by-step guide so make sure to follow the instructions carefully. You can actually do this right the first time if you won’t miss any detail as you go along the setup. So here is how you setup your Mi 3C router default admin login.

Setting up Mi 3C router

  1. If this is your first time or you just reset your Mi 3C router because you have forgotten your router password, then here is what you should do. Look for the Mi 3C default Wi-Fi network name. It should start with Xiaomi_XXXX.
  2. Once you see it, just tap on it and enter. Since it is your first time or you just reset the router, it will not have any password on it. You just tap and you are on the network.


You can’t leave your network open. Some people near or within the Wi-Fi network range could detect the Wi-Fi signal and enter your network. That could lead to a lot of risks such as slow internet access or the worst kind—you get hacked. So what you should do is immediately set up a password for your own security.

  1. In order to set up the password and probably a new Wi-Fi network name, just open your browser and type on the address bar 192.168.l.l. That is the Mi 3C router’s default address. You can directly go to log in page at 192.168.l.l from here.
  2. When you are in, you will be asked to enter your ISP default login username and password. But if by chance that you do not know that either, then you should click on the DHCP below. Clicking that will take you to another page that will tell you to create your own personalized username and password. Note that it is best if you use the password that you can easily remember but hard for anybody else to guess. And make sure to check the “Turn on wall penetration mode”.
  3. Click Next.
  4. The next page will ask you whether you are using your network for Home, Company, or Other. Just choose any of those. Home should be basic.
  5. Below is another password requirement of your choice. You can use the Wi-Fi password you already set up earlier or you can create a new one if you want. Just remember to use a password combination that is easy for you to remember and difficult for others to guess.
  6. Click “Set up successfully”. The router will reboot and once it’s done, you will be able to connect to the internet using the Wi-Fi network name and the password you created. The same goes when you want to access the admin control page through the browser. Just use the password you set up earlier for that.

Some Reminders

Mi Wifi app

You can download the Mi Wi-fi app from the Google Play Store to uncover all the features of your Mi 3C router. You will see that you can do so much with the app. If you want us to do an article for that app as well, just comment down below. And if there are more people interested in that topic, we will tackle it with all its features in the next article. But until then, I hope you got all the instructions on this article right. Otherwise, you will have to reset your router again back to the factory settings.

Leave your comment down below if you have questions and other concerns you need to be answered. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.



If you own a router at home, I am sure you have experienced forgetting your router’s login credentials after changing the default login details. Due to this instance, I have shared this article to show you the methods on how you can easily find a router’s username and password. The methods included here are the ones that many people are using. So, keep on reading and learn the basic solutions to such a common problem.

How to find a Router's Username and Password

What is a Router

A router is a hardware that serves as a bridge to link the connection between a local network (such as smartphones and PCs) and the Internet.  All routers have various settings to be changed to allow other devices to connect and access the Internet. And to make the changes, a user has to gain an access to the configuration page which is protected with a username and password.

When you buy a router such as the Xioami Mi 3C, TP-Link or Netgear, it has a ‘default username and password’ that are written mostly at the back of the hardware. These are the same for most of the routers regardless of what model and version you have purchased. You will need these login credentials when you make changes to the router’s settings.

The default username and password for most of the routers is “admin,” which is short for the administrator. So you need to know how to login to a router using the admin password.

Is there a Need to Change the Default Username and Password of the Router

Changing the default username, or at least the password is needed when you purchased your own router. When the default login details aren’t changed, there might be curious individuals who can access the signal. And once they have the access, they are able to log into it and it will bring a threat to your network device. They can change every detail even the default password and effectively hijack the connection.

But, there have been instances where people changed the username and password and then forgot what they had set. In such cases, it becomes impossible for a user to access the configuration page and make any kind of modification on it. When this happens, your work will be interrupted especially when your job has something to do with coding that requires an internet connection.

So, here are the several ways that can help you find a router’s username and password if in case you have forgotten it. And try to learn more about tech guides and tutorials that will help you solve problems with regards to your devices.

How to find a Router’s Username and Password

The four methods listed below are your immediate solution once you have forgotten your router’s username and password. You can choose one of these methods, or try it all before you finally decide on resetting your router.

Method 1: Search on the Internet/Look at the Router’s Sticker

If you have not changed the username and password and ‘admin‘ does not work, you can look up for the default username and passwords on the internet. You can also check the router for any sticker with the default username and password written on it. There are many websites where you can search for the default username and password for your router by entering its model number.

Router's default username and password

Method 2: Use a Router Password Cracker

Another method is to use ‘Router Password Kracker‘ on your PC – one of the most popular password cracker in the market. It is a software that can recover your router’s lost password. It can also help recover passwords from internet websites that are protected by Digest Notification.

To use this password cracker, you need to download and install the software to your computer. It is free, so you don’t need to spend money on using it.

Router's password cracker

Method 3: Use the RouterPassView Software

RouterPassView‘ is another useful software which you can use to find a router’s username and password. However, you must have a backup of the configuration on your PC. Once you have it, RouterPassView can decrypt it for you and you can access your username and password.

Same as the second method, this software requires you to download it and install on your PC.


Method 4: Reset your Router

If none of the methods works, all you are left with is to hard reset your router and bring it back to the default factory settings. Then, you can enter the default username and password to access the configuration page. However, in this method, all your modified settings will be lost and you will have to make the necessary changes in it to connect to the Internet.

To reset the password, hold the reset button for approximately 10 seconds. You can see the reset button at the back part of the router.

Reset router

In Conclusion

These were some of the methods which you can use to find a router’s username and password. I recommend you to do the first three methods before resetting your router. In case you forget your login details in the future, just go back to this page.

Have you experienced this situation before? If yes, what did you do to solve this common problem? We appreciate it if you can share it with us through the comment section below.

If you know any better method or you have questions and concerns, please drop them inside the box. We will be more glad to assist you in whatever we can do.



Have you ever experience Google Chrome redirect issues everytime you unlock your phone? Or, you have a pop-up message on your browser that says “Virus has been detected on your device.” This issue is really annoying and it interrupts you from doing something on your Android phone. How are you going to fix it?

This video explained how to get rid of pop-ups and fix the Chrome redirect issue on any Android device.


I remember when I experienced this redirect issue on Google Chrome. I thought viruses are all over my device and I can’t do anything about them until I decided to reset my device to factory settings. And then I found this video and learned that resetting is not the only solution to fix this error.

That’s why I shared it with you, to help you fix redirect issue on Google Chrome browser. Hope this post will help you a lot.